Bee Services

Crop Pollination Swarm

Crop Pollination

Looking at improving this years crop. We will locate our bee hives on your farm or smallholding for the duration of your growing season. Our bees will carry out the all important job of pollinating your crop ensuring maximum return on your planting efforts.

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Swarm Removal and Bee Relocation

Have you found a hive of bees nesting on your property?

Bees often nest in a sheltered, darkened enclosure. Typically you may find them in housewalls, roof eaves, attics, outdoors in tree hollows or sheds. Occasionally you may even discover an entire Swarm of bees arriving whilst they look for a new nesting site.

Rather than having the bees exterminated give us a call. We specialise in the removal of bee hives and bee swarms. On removal the bees are carefully transported to a new hive and then relocated to a new site.

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